1. Ray says

    I have both a gibson and an epiphone and the main differences I noticed were that the fretboard radius is flatter on the epiphone, and the heel of the neck sticks out more, making it harder to reach the 22nd fret.

  2. michael says

    i have an epiphone les paul and i love it i am soon upgrading to a sponsor given gibson now i have played an epiphone and gibson at samash and i do agree with ray and anyone who agrees with ray is awsome and i dont like that the guitar goes out of tune after a while but its great for an experienced player.

  3. Sammy Corie says

    I love the gibsons but the epipiphone are a steal for the money. If you have a few thousand than you would go with the gibson but if you have few hundred then the epiphone is great

  4. says

    I have a 2003 Saine Plant Korean Epiphone Custom LP with a S/M Duncan bridge pickup. I am planning on getting a new Gibson Studio LP soon. I have two questions,,are the stock pickups in the Studio any good? And,,,is that stock Studio going to sound as good as my Epi? I am happy with the Epiphone, it plays as good as it can,,,only my lack of talent holds it back.

    • Profile photo of lpeg says

      I have a 91 Studio, the only difference I can speak of between the Studio and a Custom is that the Studio doesn’t have the white trim. Pickups are great. They’re not 1957 PAFs but they sound like humbuckers!
      As good or worse than your Epiphone, only you can answer that one my friend. If you love an instrument, it will love you back.
      All I can say is don’t sweat the details, every guitar sounds different, unique, and I have yet to hear ANY electric guitar sound bad.
      If you gave Steve Vai or Guthrie Govan one of those crappy, toy store, amp included, shrink wrapped electrics…

      • LWSambo says

        Thanx for the info,,,really like my epi,,I would still keep & play it even if I do get a Studio, which I haven’t yet. I also have a 2000 Epi Standard LP which seems to be more confortable to play than my 2003 Custom. I don’t know why,,but it took me awhile to get adjusted to the Custom. Same bodys,,,go figure,,,mabey I was afriad of the Custom because it’s so pretty,,Alpine White. The Standard is black & still has the Epiphone humbuckers in it while the Custom has a S/M Duncan in the bridge. Both guitars were built at the Saine Plant in Korea.

  5. Rigby says

    I stumbled upon this site recently. Even though this article is two years old, I can’t resist commenting on it. People say things like “Even tho an Epi Les Paul is good, it just can’t beat a Gibson”. Well, yeah, it can. A 1996 Gibson Les Paul was my main gigging axe and one day in 1998 while trying out an amp, I grabbed the nearest Les Paul; it was a gold Epi Les Paul standard. There was something about that guitar that touched my soul. So I bought the amp and the guitar. The Epi was used as a backup for my Gibson. Over the next few years I replaced the pickups with SD ’59s, installed a bone nut, Schaller tuners, jumbo frets, upgraded electronics and before I knew it, this guitar had become the most awesome Les Paul I have ever played. I thought my main Gibson Les Paul was the ultimate but this Epiphone just blows it away in every aspect. And people notice it too. I’ve had the craziest offers to buy this guitar – but I will never sell it. So the Epi became my main guitar (period) and the previously mentioned Gibson relegated to backup.
    I did spend more than $500 extra on a $500 guitar but in the end, the Epiphone became a better guitar than a Gibson.

  6. Ronnie Walking Horse Akers says

    The pots are CTS’s on the Lp and they have a 10% resistance tolerance , Epiphone use Alfa’s which are rated at 20%. The three-way switches are constructed better; and the windings in the pick-ups are better constructed overall. The Royals Royce verses a VW Beetle. Both are cars, but we all know which one is better and why.

  7. divwalnut says

    I own 2 Epi les paul pro FX with Floyd Rose tailpieces and lock nuts on the top that I paid 400 a piece for off of Ebay. I swapped out the pups for Duncan Pearly gates and the 2 guitars sound very close so if I break a string or have any kind of problem, (like a drunk pours beer on my guitar) I just pick up the other guitar. With the lock nut, I have NO problems with intonation. I’ve heard some horrible tones come from people playing top of the line Gibsons for which I assume is more an amplifier issue. Especially for players on a budget I would suggest putting the money into a better amp. IMHO.

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